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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Jean, I hope you get into your finance mojo to get your finances done!


I have been feeling under the weather.  After feeling great all Lent, I seem to have come down with a cold or maybe bad allergies?  I've had slight allergies before to pollen but this is sore throat, headache, runny nose, eyes that tear and sting (well I have that all the time anyway).


Be that as it may, in laws are coming over today.  So:


boil eggs for Easter tomorrow

hopefully 14 yo will want to dye them

tidy up a bit (fridge needs a quick cleaning)

dh is getting deli platters for lunch

everyone comes over to eat and chat

honestly, if i don't feel well, I am going to excuse myself and go take a nap!

Leftovers for dinner

dress for Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil!  Praise God!  My favoritest Mass of the year!



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Good morning

- get up and dressed- done

- get dh up to take dd1's friend home- done

- clean out car while he's doing that- done

- make sure everything is packed up for dd2- done

- got my aunts to get my mom- done

- go to youngest brother's house and zoo- done

-?????????- Easter egg hunt at aunt's house, McDonald's for dinner on the way home, girls in bed, Easter eggs stuffed and hidden, baskets stuffed. Will hide real eggs inside in the morning.

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Good morning! A little snow this morning, but very light. Ds1 and gf leave this morning, swimmers have practice and ds2's practices were cancelled.


To do:

See college kids off

Take swimmers to practice

Errands during practice

Pick up lunch for drive home

Relax and watch basketball




Have a great day!

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Good mornin', good mooooornin!  :p


I am still a little sick, but I will just have to power through it.


If all went according to plan, my sister dropped my kids off at horse camp this morning and I need to leave in 1.5 hours to pick them up.  I set my alarm so I would have some time to work before I go get them.


Like most people, I have a long list today:

  • A little housework.  [done]
  • Morning pet care.  [done]
  • Work.
  • Get the kids from horse camp.  [done]
  • Groceries - buy stuff for cookie baking.  [done]
  • Buy a couple items for my niece's birthday.  [done]
  • Boil eggs.  [done]
  • Weekly pet care with the girls (clean out cages, change out fish water...).  Hopefully they finish their pet care badge work today.  [done]
  • Finalize some science experiments, and do a few more quick ones.   [done]
  • Kids color eggs.  [done]
  • Kids bake cookies.  [done]
  • Kids finish up some workbook stuff & reading.  [done]
  • Kids put away Christmas tree decorations (I know, it's getting kinda late!)
  • Mom does some more work.
  • Hopefully a little exercise for Mom.
  • Kids bathe and go to bed.  [done]
  • Read-aloud.
  • Mom does Easter baskets.
  • Get TurboTax going so I can do tax returns / extensions for people on Sunday.
  • Work.
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The morning is gone already.



Most of the grocery shopping

House cleaning

YNAB - depressing! And our taxes still aren't done! 


To do:

Encourage Dh to mow

Dog to the park?

Make shortcakes for tomorrow

Last few grocery items?


dinner - stuffed peppers, rice 


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My taxes aren't done either, Scout.


So far I have :


dropped ds off at work.

dropped dd off at her all-day volunteering thing

took care of the compost

human care done

medical care and dh gave me my shots, which is nice, because they hurt less than when I give them to myself

pet care done

tried to trouble shoot the dishwasher and am rerunning it a third time.  If it still doesn't work, I will have to call a repairman, I guess.


next:  get laundry sorted out and going. 

and as soon as ds gets home, have him sign the birthday card for my sister so I can get that in the mail today.  Though it will be late.  Her birthday is tomorrow.  Sigh.  I always have good intentions of getting things out in time. . .

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Birthday card ready to take to the post office

The dishwasher looks like it worked fine this time.  Note to self:  do not let others touch the dishwasher because apparently they do not know how to push buttons correctly.  I had to reset it and now it works just fine.  Dishwasher has been unloaded.  Next- reload it with more dirty dishes

Two loads of dry clean clothes folded and put away

One load in the washing machine



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List is done, though the pup never got to the park.

Dinner is in the oven.


During a mid-afternoon, put-up-my-feet break I finished re-reading Surprised by Oxford, while taste-testing my shortcakes for tomorrow. Lovely book, yummy treat.  :D


To do:

Iron Ds' khakis and shirt

Figure out my clothes for tomorrow

Walk the dog?


Do Easter baskets and plastic eggs! Enjoy having kids who still love the magic. Loving my not quite so little people!

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I was pretty good about doing most of the intended stuff with the kids today.  It took all my energy though.  I'm exhausted.


I didn't meet my work goals.  I am thinking I will take a nap and then get up and be productive.  I have to be out of the house all day tomorrow, so I need to get some things done before that.

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