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Kelli, empty your inbox!!!

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I did.


Next time, have you considered the fact that you have my personal email address, my mailing address, my home phone number and my cell phone number?


Geez-Loweeze, anj, you have many ways to reach me!:D





Ummm, I may even have your hubby's cell # around here someplace! happy0007.gif

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Probably. But don't call him. He is in court today and probably forgot to turn off his cell phone. Federal judges get very angry with people who forget to turn their cell phones off in the courtroom!!!


Speaking of inappropriate times to get a phone call, I forgot to turn my cell phone off yesterday and it rang in church! And not during our loud, rockin' praise and worship either. No this was during. the. sermon.


Of course it was. And I carry this big honkin' purse and my cell phone is tiny and I am fumbling around for it so I can turn it off and it is getting louder and louder. I wanted the earth to swallow me right up. And I am no back row Baptist either, I sit on the second row.:o


And don't you know, it was my college girl? Her question "Mo-om, what are you having for lunch? I don't want to eat in the caf today."

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You know, that happened to me at a funeral.

A Russian Orthodox funeral.

And not during the wailing dirge period, but when everything was quiet.

And my phone had some crazy song that I can't remember as the ringer.


Oh, and I was very pregnant and had to try and find the phone while waddling to the back of the crowded church.

Ahhhh, good times!

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It was at the end of a sermon about ......:D answering God's call :D:D


The minister swears he didn't arrange for that phone call. ::p


This did not happen to me, but once someone's did go off pretty loud and our pastor stopped preaching, looked at the guy and said, in perfect deadpan, "That had better be God calling you."

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