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How to report Homiletics on High School Transcripts

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Our family uses homiletics as a way to study the Bible every morning.   I believe that this has given my kids invaluable thinking skills as well as helped them learn how to make succinct summaries of long passages.    I would like to include this on their high school transcripts, but I'm not sure how to report it.    Is there a broad category that it could fall under? 

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!


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JMO: Include homiletics as part of your description of skills used in the course in your separate Course Description document. On the transcript, entitle the course something like: "Elective: Biblical Studies", or "Religious Studies: New Testament Survey", or simply as "Bible I" "Bible II" etc.


Since homiletics was just one of a number of activities done during this time and was not the primary focus for this credit, and since you were not using primarily texts/curricula focused on homiletics as your Bible coursework, you wouldn't entitle the credit Homiletics -- In the same way, literary analysis is just one aspect of the Literature portion of an English credit, so you don't entitle the credit "Literary Analysis". :)


But definitely give details about the homiletics as part of the Bible credit in the Course Description -- that's a great skill to develop! :)

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