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Do the Mark Kistler classes start out simple?


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Good to know, thank you :-)


Do you just start with the first lesson and keep going or is it a pick and choose type thing?


I'm pretty sure when we did it it was a pick and choose what you want and in any order that you want to do it.  


He has different options now than when we used it, so that may be different, depending on what option you buy.  We had a 3 year subscription (which I don't think is available anymore) and it included everything, including the Mini Marshmallow lessons...which is a nice place to start.  HTH

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My kids LOVED Mark Kistler when they were young, so the lessons definitely started simple enough.  I think they were 6 and 4, and even the 4 yr. old loved doing it.  We had the 3 year subscription and used it pretty consistently for that whole time.  

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