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has anybody used Notgrass Exploring Government with 9th and 10th graders?

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We just started it a few weeks ago because of the election year. My son is doing it for 9th grade credit. I love it especially because it's all planned out and easy to use! 


He does 1 lesson a day. 

  • He reads the lesson in the main book "Exploring Government" and any sections it refers in "We Hold These Truths".


  • Using the "Quiz and Exam Book" he reads and reviews each question listed on the lesson by himself. I do not require him to write the answers. Instead before we put our school books away for the day we come together and I read the questions to him. He tells me the answers orally. If he gets one wrong, we discuss the question and why he got it wrong. Sometimes we search for the answer in the readings. I use the "Answer Key" as a guide to know what the correct answer should be. After wards, we discuss what has he learned from the lesson. A lot of times we end up talking about current issues in government such as the election debates, policy, etc. 


  • He does answer all the multiple choice exams in the "Quiz and Exam Book" with a pencil and then I grade them. 

Overall, I have been very pleased. I don't think it would be a difficult course, unless you wanted all the questions in the "Quiz and Exam Book" written out. In that case I could see it being a more challenging course & taking a lot more time just depends on if you allowed short answers or wanted complete sentences. 


Currently, my son spends about a hour on each lesson. It breaks down to about 35-45 mins of independent work (reading, reviewing answers, completing multiple choice exam after several lessons)  and then about 15-20 mins together (going over questions orally, discussion of lesson, and current events). 



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Ds used it in 12th, but I don't think it is too much for a lower grade. Do be warned the quarterly tests are crazy long and detailed. There have been other discussions on this board where some (including me) have said they use them as open book reviews. It is the only heads-up I'd give about the program.

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I have. I used it  when mine were in 8th, 10th, and 12th as something they could all do as a single class. Not a one had a problem with it. It was quite nice to do something all together again! (I cheated a little and reported the 8th grader as taking it in 9th...)

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