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CAP's Well-Ordered Language

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Has anyone used CAP's Well-Ordered Language for grammar? If so, what did you like about it? What did you not like? How does it compare to FLL or MCT grammar? The CAP website says for grades 3 or 4 and up. My 3rd and 5th graders are finishing up MCT Town level. Would this be a good bridge before they begin MCT Voyage level?

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Usually CAP materials make sense to me, but I'm confused about this series.


I looked at the samples and it looks like the TM is necessary to do the full program. Okay. But I'm trying to understand the full program, there seems to be a lot of changeable parts. And there seems to be a LOT of exercises, and it seems "required" to do all of them? And then you can buy even more exercises? Are the chants/songs only sold separately, or does the student book have a CD (like SSL)?


I like the idea of chants/songs, and I like the component of analyzing real poems and literature. But having to buy all the separate parts makes it get pricey fast, especially if you'll need to condense most of the main exercises for a reluctant writer.


Has CAP put out a S&S for the series? I'd like to see where it's going.

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That's my review linked in the post above. I'm going to be writing more about the program this week and next.

I'll try to address your questions. Right now I'm nursing the baby and it's too much to type out.

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