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Zones of Regulation Movie Suggestions Needed

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I am going through the Zones of Regulation with DS12 who is gifted. He is quite sensitive to violence, graphic scenes, darkness/evil and loudness. We are on lesson 3, Zones in video and the suggested video is The Outsiders which I think would clearly not work for him. (Charlie Brown and Finding Nemo are suggested also but they are obviously more childish.) Does anyone have a suggestion for another film that would illustrate the zones and the expected/unexpected behaviors, etc.?


He does have a fun sense of humor and loves Brit comedies and old shows, i.e. Burns and Allen, so he is open to a wide variety I think.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I will look into the movies you all have mentioned. I've seen a couple of the Toy Story films but not the others mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


I would like to know if there are also any other, non-animated, films for this topic. As Lecka mentioned, I was hoping to find something a bit more adult so that he doesn't feel like this is a childish issue. (He really hates being talked-down-to which does seem to happen to him a lot.)


Thanks again.

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Maybe you could look for examples from stuff he is watching anyway.


For people running a group, they need to find something that a group of kids can watch and all understand, and will probably be reasonably popular with all the kids.


But you can use anything he likes.  I bet there are some unexpected behaviors in British comedy. 


It is probably too mature for him to watch all of it, but Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch would have a lot of clips with him doing unexpected things.  That is the only British show I have watched in a long time!

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