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Math for kid who does not get concepts?

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Trying to find a math program for a seventh grader who is struggling through fourth grade math. We've tried at least half a dozen programs (Saxon and CTC math just this year) and each time we get a quarter to a half of the way through while he gets more and more frustrated. It's obvious while I help him that he just doesn't understand what he's doing.


I feel awful and wonder if I wouldn't have done better to have just picked a program and slugged through.


He did like Teaching Textbooks when we used it a few years ago, but I haven't seen their middle grades stuff.

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Have you sought evaluations?  Is it possible he has dyscalculia?


You might consider running him through the Ronit Bird materials (linked below) to see if his struggles are with subitization skills. Just continuing to hop curriculum doesn't seem like it would be that effective.  (BTDT).  If he is missing the really most basic building blocks of math then just slogging through won't help much either.  I would back up and start with Ronit Bird.  See how he does.  If things click then maybe move him to something with lots and lots of review and scaffolding, like CLE.  Give the placement test and start him wherever he places.  The program is easy to slow down or accelerate as needed.



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There is also Dynamo math if you want something more clearly laid out for the teacher.  I used it in its infancy, though.  Price has gone up and the program has been modified.  Still, it is designed for kids who really struggle with math, has lessons laid out, there is an on-line component that is pretty well done, some hands on exercises and worksheets for every lesson.  




One caveat to DM is that it is UK based so the materials are formatted for A-4 paper.  I was able to order some through Amazon and set my printer to that size.

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