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Anyone who has researched water filters...


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I second the Berkey.  We have terrible water in our area.  We have a 3 gallon Berkey.  


Would also really love a general whole house water filter.  We smell like we have bathed in chlorine are we shower. 

Our Berkey filters catch all the filth and slime and it is truly disgusting.

We have high mineral water and also very dirty water in our area.  

My dh was getting kidney stones left and right before we got the filter.  We found out all the old timers in area do not drink the water either.

The Berkey does a stellar job.

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We have the multipure aquadome http://www.multipure.com/products.html. We have it hooked up in our laundry room sink, which is right off of our kitchen. We fill up a 2.5 gallon container that sits on our kitchen counter, refilling probably once a day.


One day, my ds filled up the water container with regular water (my dh had switched the water to regular instead of through the filter because he was washing his hands or something). I could immediately tell that the water wasn't filtered -- and our water isn't horrible, but you can taste the chlorine if it isn't filtered! I don't think our filter will filter out fluorine, which I would have liked, but, other than that, I have been happy with it.



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We almost went with a Berkley but installed a Propure because they have an under sink mounted version. It is totally out of the way convenient, filters out the unwanteds (like rural water fluoride) and leaves the minerals. One filter last about a year for a family of 5-6 people.The water tastes great.

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