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What fun things do you like to do on your blog?

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I love it when folks post things like tours- I am one of those folks who loves to go for car rides just so I can catch glimpses of others' lives through their open windows.

I want to do some talky blogs this year. Of course, we had no more than finished recording our first talky for my art blog, than I dropped and broke my ds's brand new camera, and now I not only have to have it repaired, but in the meantime, have to figure out how to use mine to film movies, and then to post them.

I, too would like some more ideas of other things to do on the blogs. Meme's get boring quickly, ya' know?

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Thanks guys...I opted for the Tuesday House Tour. I posted it tonight as tomorrow is looking a little scary. I'm going to be invaded by boys for several hours. Wish me luck!;)


Also...does another know how to make the pictures line up and not wrap...I guess that's what it is called. I had them in a nice row and then when I posted it...the get all smashed together. :eek:



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I love the idea of a House Tour Tuesday. Does that mean you would invite someone each week to show their house on your website? Very cool, idea!!


I like to do give aways. It's something I just started and I posted my first give away today! I review books every once in awhile, and since I am a link addict I try to post a link a day, which is actually only two or three times a week ;)

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I occasionally do a "'Fess Up Friday" on mine. It's sharing pictures of something most of us would prefer to keep hidden....like the refrigerator, under the couch, Master bathroom....and the entry that looks like it took the most guts to post on a public blog gets a bar of Amy of the Foil Hat's soap.


Hmmm. It's been a while since I've done one of these..... I'm going to have to think of an entry for this Friday.

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