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Recommend a good world atlas please


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I am looking to buy my eldest dd a new atlas for history and geography next year, she will be in 5th and I am hoping to get her one that will at least take her through the logic stage so good for grades 5-8+


I want it to be comprehensive but not overly complicated for a 10yo.

I want it to be a world atlas, prefer one that does not focus on or have a bias towards the US (as we are aussies!)


There are just SO many options out there, I have looked a few times and give up as there are just way too many options available and I have no idea which ones are the best or where to start narrowing the list down.


Does anyone have a recommendation for a good atlas for this age/level please. TIA

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I suggest a school atlas but you want the most updated version you can get. They are constantly being updated so if you get an up to date one now, it will last you a bit longer. 


We've got a few school atlases rather cheaply and then bought Philip's Atlas of the World that is huge.  The Philip's atlas is from 2014, so not the newest edition but contained the majority of the changes of a few new countries such as South Sudan.

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