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How do I type on form after scanning?

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On what device?  For phone, ipad, or tablet, you just need a pdf editor app.  For computer, hmm.  On mac you can pull that into Preview.


I use Notability on my ipad.  Someone was just showing me the ClaroPDF app.  Not only can you annotate the pdf, but ClaroPDF can *read* the pdf.  Thing is, to do that you need the OCR (I think?) scan.  That requires a special app and can be obnoxious.  But if you get the gig going and get good at it, you'd have both features.  And Claro is really snazzy with extra things it could do.  It was quite impressive.  But that would be for dyslexia + a typing accommodation.  If you just need typing, any pdf editor will do.  :)

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If you have a cell phone, you can use an app like Turboscan to make a pdf of whatever you take a picture of.  It's super easy.  Won't make an OCR, but you only need OCR if you want the pdf to have embedded the actual digital text to make it readable and searchable.  I tried an app for that once and it was really cantankerous, not getting all the words.  I wouldn't bother unless you NEED that feature.


So I use Turboscan to make a pdf of the page.  Yes, your Brother copier/scanner should be able to do it.  Once you have the pdf, you just get it onto your device and open with the pdf editor app.  

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I'm a turboscan fanatic.  :D  I just do the single shot, not the triple.  You can add pages, crop, adjust darkness.  You can send it to yourself in an email or you can sync it to Dropbox.  Dropbox is free and gives you enough space to hold quite a few documents or pictures.  Your dropbox account is a cloud account, so you can sync something to it from the phone and then it will be on your ipad, your desktop, whatever.  Then once it's in dropbox on the device, you go to Notability and open it, no problem.  


Hold it, there's another app, SnapType.  I think in that one you can scan and edit, all in one.  Probably available for both android and apple.  

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