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Fairly complete grade 3 curriculum?


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I have been really struggling to figure out my plans for next year.  We are unexpectedly going to be welcoming a new baby, in October, and I am thinking I will likely be on the tired and distracted side. 


My eldest daughter is going to start ps a year earlier than originally planned, which has some benefits for her, and is a bit of a weight off.  My son will be 6 and doing a K year, mostly just reading and writing, pretty simple.


I don't quite know what to do about my grade three student, dd8.  In the past I've generally put things together, but I feel like it might be nice to have something laid out.  She also seems to respond to other people setting the schedule, rather than me.


I did one year get a boxed curriculum from a Canadian company, but I don't think I would use them again, there was too much I didn't use.


As far as what I need - I am set for math.  We've had a CM approach in the past.  I am ok with secular, or some Christian materials.  We're Anglican and typically Catholic or Orthodox things are best fit.  DD8 is not a bad reader but is intimidated by some books - she actually does better with a picture book even if it actually has more, and more complicated, text than a chapter book.


I've looked at SCM, but I just don't like their history offerings that much, I don't quite feel comfortable with how they seem so attached to the Bible study.  THough that may not be as bad as I think it would be - they always look to me like they would be very YEC.


Is there any company that offers something like this?



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I just commented on the MP thread, but I know a lot of Catholic and Orthodox families use Memoria Press. We use it minus the math program they include in their core packages. Their customer service is really helpful in figuring out placement, although if you're just doing it for a year or so that wouldn't matter so much. Their moderated track for 3rd is basically the accelerated track at half pace.


Oh, and I give the lesson plans to my ds to check off the boxes, as he sees it as someone else setting the schedule rather than me telling him to do a bunch of stuff.

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Galore Park might fit: the company was started by an Anglican but there is not an overt Christian bent to the books - God is mentioned in one of the introductions, and there is a separate RE course.


For third grade you would be looking at Junior Book 2 in each subject.  The history that year is Ancient Greece and Rome:




You would still have to divide it up to schedule it - so many chapters per month to finish in a year.

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One possibility that comes to mind is Calvert.






Another is Our Mother of Divine Grace School (a Catholic Distance Education Program), but I don't know anything about this (just heard of it).






Some Catholic folks here seem to use materials from Memoria Press (I'm not sure if MP is RC, though, I don't think so).










Memoria Press has an online academy that could offer support for one or more of their 3rd grade courses, and you can choose which option (regular pace or accelerated). As a previous poster mentioned, MP's customer service is very helpful. At least, we have found them to be so.




Since you already have math, you might want to take look at a literature package from Beautiful Feet Books. For example, their Early American History pack is loaded with rich and well-written picture books (at a quite high reading level). While we didn't exactly purchase their package, we did read and enjoy most of those books during our American History years.




Hope that helps.

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