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American History? Afterschooling, overseas, 3rd grade


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I was here for a long time when DD was a small one, thinking I would homeschool or afterschool her.  Life threw us a few twists and turns and I find myself in Turkey with a third grader going to a Turkish private school.  We've done well with just her school - she even reads at or close to grade level in English thanks to their English program and Harry Potter (All hail JK Rowling!).  


Today she expressed a desire to learn American history (which is obviously not covered in school).  I looked in my cache of resources and I have nothing on American history.  Ancients, yes.  Middle Ages, a bit.  Early Modern - nada.  


I know SOTW covers it, and I can use that, but she wants JUST American history - not combined with the rest of the world.  I'll get there eventually, but she's been resisting any form of afterschooling so I want to approach this carefully - you would resist too if you left for school at 7:15, got home at 5:30, and then had homework!


Oh - and I need a downloadable curriculum.  Shipping to Turkey is sometimes a bit unreliable, and always a looooonnnnggg process.


Thank you!

Giraffe (aka Hope)

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