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Do you add History or other subjects to Classical Conversations Challenge A?

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I may bring my daughter back home from christian school next year to do CC locally. I am really unsure if the program is full or if we would need to add additional subjects. Also, I am in nursing school so she will be working largely on her own. What exactly do the kids do during the week before they go to class? Thanks for ANY insight you can give me. 

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2016-2017 will be our first school year with CC, so I'm not going to be that helpful, but I'll try. :P 


Besides history, it's a complete program. It's super geography heavy, which would lay a good foundation for history in the coming years. I wouldn't add history during this year of Challenge but could see doing that after Challenge A.


There is a daily checklist for the kids to help them divide their homework up in a manageable way. I don't think most kids could be totally responsible enough to stay on task without a parent or someone prodding them along or helping with questions and challenges during the day though? You know your child best though. 


This video helped us get a feel for CA. The guide/daily and weekly checklist is shown at the 2:18 mark. It looks like a great set-up. 


Hopefully someone else can chime in with more experience. 

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