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Resources for Finnish?

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Not to dissuade you, but Finnish is crazy difficult. I have a Russian degree, and have also studied French, German, a bit of Swedish, and Latin. Finnish is much harder than any of those. I was an exchange student in Helsinki in college. I started out in a Finnish course, but reluctantly switched to Swedish because it was much easier. Finland is a bilingual country (everyone speaks Finnish and Swedish -- and a third language to get into college). 14 cases (if I remember correctly) compared to Russian's 6, and Latin's 5. It's only related to one other language (Hungarian?). The only easy thing about it is the pronunciation... it's fabulously consistent.

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Finnish is offered in our city in the International Languages Saturday morning programs. There is a strong enough base of local residents who can teach and attend the courses to make this possible. 


I'd support the PP who suggested that Finnish is one of the more difficult languages to learn. I took a summer course in Estonian (while in Estonia), which is closely related to Finnish (and not many languages can claim this). There are many, many compound words to navigate through, where, "in the capital city" or something like that, would be one super-long word. 


Your dd would have to be prepared to study a language where there would be very few recognizable words from other languages making vocabulary tougher, the grammar would be very challenging, and there is a potential for very few resources and local people to work with. If she's ready for the challenge, then why not give it a try. 

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