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S/o scary movie


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Does anybody else ever wonder what the heck is wrong with the authors and/or screenwriters who come up with this stuff? I just can't even begin to fathom the sort of thoughts and fantasies required to produce that kind of imagery. Are they geniuses or creeps?


And what makes us such avid consumers? Is it the natural high of the adrenaline rush? Normalizing of dark thoughts? Something else?


Does anybody care to take a stab at the human psyche and flesh this out with me? I love learning what makes people do the things they do.

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I actually stopped watching horror movies about half a decade ago, couldn't take them anymore. I really have issues with the ones with kids in them and casting young people in things like that. It makes for very scary movies but I also worry about their innocence and psychological health. Plus the really graphic ones these days I just can't handle. So even though it used to be a favorite genre of mine back in the day, I don't do them at all now.

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