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Jurgenson's, do you need chapter 10?

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I am using the Duke Tip syllabus and it puts chapter 10 at the very end, after chapter 14. Chapter 10 is on constructions. For some reason, despite having a high quality compass that I have no trouble using, my son cannot seem to get it to work. He has ASD and while he does great most of the time, constructions are causing meltdowns due to an inability to work the compass properly. There is a lot more than just making circles in this. Should I just sit with him and help him with each circle or is this chapter even important or a normal part of a geometry program? Since it was stuck at the end, it kind of gives the impression that it is not that important.

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My son and I have done some basic constructions (such as congruent angles, perp. lines, etc.) when the topic came up within the other chapters because I wanted him to be exposed to the notion of drawing such things with just a ruler and compass. I figure that little bit of exposure is enough, and from what you've written, I think you've probably done enough, too. :-)


So no, I do not plan to work through Chapter 10 (my son is halfway through Chapter 9). 



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