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using Lyrical Science audios as a supplement...does it work?

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I am toying with the idea of using the Lyrical Science audios as a summer science to listen to on our long vacation trips, putting on the kid's MP3 players to listen to and as a supplement this fall for science...especially with my youngest (7th grader), but secretly hoping my 2 olders (9th and 10th graders) will listen and learn too. We all like music, my kids appreciate good music, and I am hoping this won't be a turn off to them.  


But, I would seriously like to hear from those who have used the full program (books and all) and just the audios.


I noticed I can buy just the audios, but can I also get my hands on the lyrics to the songs without buying the book?



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If you buy the CDs, the lyrics are in the booklet. I don't know what happens if you buy the Mp3 Downloads.


I bought the full sets, and actually didn't use the books much. DD remembered the lyrics just fine without going through and doing the fill in the blank stuff, and the books were really, really dry. 





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We used all three Lyrical Life Science books this year.  We read the text out loud together, usually did a teaching lesson with extra videos, books, and drawings, and the kids filled in the workbooks.  They enjoyed the tone of the text and learned a lot. The songs were great and we will continue to play them.  For us, the songs alone would not have been enough for most of the topics.  My kids needed to learn from the text and additional resources in order to understand the songs.  Memorizing the songs wasn't hard - they are catchy and fun.  So, I think it depends on how much background in biology/ life science your kids already have.  hth

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