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9th grade plans

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Hello.  We're just finishing up with HOD Missions to Modern Marvels this year after doing 4 years of HOD.  It's been great considering that everything we need was in a box and we just changed the language arts and do our own math.  For 9th grade, my daughter does not want to do Heart of Dakota again so I am not sure what to use.  Can you kindly share what you're doing for your 9th grader, what subjects you're covering and what curriculum you're using.  If you're doing geography, what curriculum will you be using.  This will greatly help me.  Thank you.

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We used HoD in late elementary, and are doing 9th grade this year. You can see what we're using in my siggy. I still like many of HoD's picks, and always check each year to see what Carrie picked out. That's how I discovered ACE Biology, which I would have NEVER considered on my own. :)


It worked well to outsource language arts (Wilson Hill Academy, Center for Lit, and La Clase Divertida) so we plan to continue that next year. 


We did geography last year for 8th, using Halliburton's Book of Marvels, Around the World in 180 Days, and Mapping the World with Art.


A student planner has been indispensable for us when we moved away from the HoD guide.

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I'm not sure this will really be helpful to you, because I'm using an eclectic mix of stuff, but this is what I'm planning for ninth grade:


Geometry -- Art of Problem Solving

Biology -- Miller-Levine

History -- Medieval/Renaissance with History of Medieval/Renaissance World, History Odyssey Level 3, and other stuff I've squished in there.

Language Arts -- Writing With Skill 2, The Creative Writer 1-2, Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings, medieval lit to go with history (as recommended in History Odyssey, LLOTR, and my own head), medieval poetry (from Norton Anthology, possibly the Veritas Press poetry book), and either Hamlet or Henry V. Subject to adjustment.

Spanish -- DuoLingo, Advanced Spanish Step By Step

Latin -- Latin Alive 1-2


I opted to drop geography for her (she may get some mapwork with history, still deciding), but the other kids will be working through Trail Guide to World Geography (I love the Trail Guides books), and she may come along for the ride, or for parts of it. What I love about the Trail Guides is that they can work for several grades, and they can be anything from a quick independent survey of basic geography to an in depth study.

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We did geography last year for 8th, using Halliburton's Book of Marvels, Around the World in 180 Days, and Mapping the World with Art.



I had never read Around the World in 80 Days, and I figured I'd merely tolerate it. DD and I were both very pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it! If your student hasn't read it, I would definitely use it as part of geography.

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