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Online Algebra course for 8th grader

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Hi everyone,

I need a new math solution for my current 8th grader.  I have never used an online course, but I think that might be a perfect option for us for the rest of the school year.  He is feeling done with homeschooling in general--big sister left after 8th grade and is now a sophomore in high school, and he is planning on heading to high school in the fall too.  We've been using Singapore since 1st grade, but he is struggling with NEM 8th grade.  Mostly though, he is just struggling these days with ME as his teacher.   :)

Do you have any recommendations?  He responds very well to structure.  I'm OK with rigorous, would prefer something he can do at his own pace (which would probably be fast, but flexibility would be nice).  I would like him to be ready to start Geometry in the fall, so would love a course that offers a complete Algebra.  He might be able to skip large sections, but something that tests his level would be great too.  

Thank you!


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I also suggest Derek Owens.

Some options you have are to go as fast of slow as needed. If you are comfortable answering questions and grading then you can use the half-price option and get to extra support - just do it all on your own. This is what I've done with my son that needed to take me out of the equation of being the primary teacher.



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I have heard that the honors algebra course from time 4 learning is great and explains concepts very well. It is meant for an eighth grader to take. I have an account for one child, so I was able to look at a sample lesson and it really does look amazing. I am going to have my daughter take it next year. :)

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Who is Derek Owens. We have always used Chalk Dust (15 yr veteran). 


Derek Owens' website


My sons used Derek Owens for Alg. 1 and were happy with it. They prefer a live class, though.  My daughter would never have had the stamina to make it through DO's self-paced online course on her own.


We used, and were very happy with, Wilson Hill's online algebra class in 8th grade for my daughter. My boys have done Geometry, Alg 2, and are now doing PreCalc with WHA.  My daughter will follow the same path, for Geom-PreCalc starting in 10th grade. 


I really like the fact that WHA has a structured path/plan for math from pre-Algebra through Calculus. I don't have to figure out what to do next every single year, and I don't have to worry about gaps/inefficiency created by switching from one program to another from one year to the next.



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I have to agree with all the recommendations for Derek Owens! The online class with flexibility has been perfect for us. www.derekowens.com

If you'd prefer live classes, I can also recommend highly Jann in TX. Hers were the first online classes we took. We switched to DO because we needed to not have to be at home at a certain time to attend the classes.

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