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College and Career Planning

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Anyone have any good resources for this? I'd like my kids to take a test that might point them in the direction of careers that might fit them. My oldest is particularly challenging! I know Sonlight sells a college and career planning kit, but is it any good? Any online resources you've heard of? I would like some recommendations. 

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Glencoe: MacGraw Hill: Exploring Careers (used versions are cheap -- don't know if they havepotential online key code access...)

K-12: Career-Ready Lesson Plans for grades 6-12


What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens; book

ASVAB: Career Exploration for High School -- free; high school version of the military's secular entrance test

Crown Ministries: Career Direct -- for a fee; Christian career exploration testing


US Bureau of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook -- free website for career exploration

CA Career Zone and NY Career Zone -- free interest inventory tests and career exploration by top 3 interest areas (Holland Codes)

Career One Stop -- free interest survey and career exploration

Career Clusters -- free interest inventory and career exploration through 14 "clusters" (general career areas), 70 "pathways" (specific occupational areas within each cluster) and hundreds of "crosswalks" (specific jobs within each pathway)



For more ideas from other posters, and lots of links to more free career tests, resources, exploration, etc, see the threads linked at the bottom of POST #5 of the pinned thread at the top of the High School Board: "Transcripts, Credits... Career Exploration -- links to past threads here!"

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