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Improving reasoning and critical thinking

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DD10 was diagnosed with dyscalculia a couple of years ago.  She has certain key markers...poor number sense, spatial weaknesses, etc.  


She has made a lot of progress with Math U See and is working through Gamma level.  Lately, I've begun to rethink her diagnosis and question a few things.  Mostly...I think there may be more than just dyscalculia.  I mean...most kids that struggle in school have co-morbid diagnoses, so that's not unusual.  


But I can't help but wonder if her math struggles are just a symptom.  Overall...she really really struggles with reasoning.  And it effects her in ALL subjects.  She is a strong reader and can regurgitate comprehension questions that ask her to pull information from what she's read (generally).  But she cannot assimilate that information and use it in any meaningful way.  So she struggles with open-ended questions that require her to think of what she read and reflect upon it.  


In math...she cannot reason through word problems.  She can pull the numbers out, but what to do with them?  She often isn't sure.  Puzzles (of any kind) are a struggle for her.  Logic is a weakness.  


Just general...cognitive thought processing!  I spoke with the school psychologist, as DD recently had a re-eval...and she mentioned that DD has a large discrepancy between expressive language scores and receptive.  This holds true historically for her, since she first began assessing when she was 3 1/2.  (And in fact...she was an early talker).  


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to work with this?  What can I do to strengthen this?  Any programs that work on reasoning and critical thinking?  I mean...aside from stuff like Lollipop Logic, which we already use.  I think she would benefit from something more intensive.  



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I would be looking at those language scores.  Can you find in the report what test was run?  And the scores on the subtests?  My ds had that kind of issue, and I've been taking him through The Grammar Processing Program from Super Duper to good effect.


Is her reading comprehension affected as well?

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