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YE/OE and dating rocks

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I realize this has the potential to be a heated topic with people on opposing sides. But I genuinely want to know. I lean one way in a community that predominately leans the other. I am not willing to ask them how they do this. I would love to start a private conversation with anyone who is willing to answer-if you aren't comfortable responding on this public forum.


If you are a YE believer, how do you approach dating of rocks and minerals? I don't want to know how/why you discount modern science theories, but rather how old do you believe certain rocks are? How do you find this information online? Or were all rocks formed at the same time. Complete? If complete, how does the rock cycle come into your teaching?





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One important point is that all rock dating begins with assumpions:


1. How much of the material was there to begin with (each dating method looks for a certain material and then makes assumptions about how much used to be there, generally based on other assumptions about the "age" of the rock around it)

2. The half life/radioactive decay rate has always been constant.  There is no way to know this.


These are frankly pretty big assumptions, so YE and OE both have little leg to stand on to claim truth here.  Remember, we all have the same evidence...the difference comes in how the evidence is interpreted.


Another important distinction is to clarify how carbon dating is used.  Based on the half life of C14, it should all disappear within 10,000 years.  Because of this, carbon dating only works in organic materials (trees, bones).  Carbon dating is not traditionally used for dating rocks and minerals.


This article is a pretty good summary of the YE view.

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