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History next year... SOTW and HO or VP self paced?


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This year we have done SOTW 1 for middle kids and Human Odyssey 1 for oldest. It has worked beautifully and the plan is to continue SOTW 2 and HO 2 next year.


I'm a bit tempted by the Veritas sale. And the idea of having all three kids doing history together. And not having to read anything but just play a video.


We are also planning on putting everyone back in classical conversations next year, but I don't really want to base all our curriculum off of CC.



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I wouldn't do the online course as a stand alone unless I was in a pinch (new baby, family upheaval). I was in a pinch, and I did use it as a stand alone, and it is good program, and my kids learned history, BUT, when I was able I added an activity or chapter from SOTW. Or, we did one of the assigned books as read aloud and discuss. I just feel like me interaction is needed than just the online course. (My opinion only :)

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