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Online Advanced Composition

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If you have recommendation of online advanced composition, please let me know. 

We are considering English 4/5 Advanced Composition from TPS but I have heard that TPS english has super strict writing guidelines and no one actually writes like that. My son quit IEW after 3 months many years ago for that reason. I wonder if TPS is similar, may be in a lesser extend than IEW? My son is not a reluctant writer and did not learn writing with all the rules and guidelines but he writes well. He has finished all writing classes at Landry except the Advanced Comp. Any feedback and comment will be appreciated. 
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I've had two kids take Advanced Composition at TPS, but it's been two years since they've taken it. At the time compositions had an extensive checklist. No "Be" verbs allowed at all. Other things I can remember: No sentences starting with A, An, or The, Each sentence in a paragraph must start with a different word, and no paragraph can start with the same word.

They wrote one composition every 1-2 weeks. The English sequence has been revamped quite a bit in the last couple of years, so the content might have changed.

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