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LToW Online Class along CC Challenge A


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I found an old thread in which a mom posted saying her child was enjoying a LToW online class. Are these classes still available? 


Also, I'm considering Classical Conversations Challenge A for my 8th grader next year. LToW is used for three years in Challenge A, B, and 1. Would it work for my guy to take an online course for LToW along with Challenge A? I'm going to email his potential CC tutor after I find out if the online classes are still available, as well. 


As far as I know, CC will provide class discussion of LToW curriculum and an opportunity for students to share papers. CC does not provide paper specific grading and feedback, which is something I would appreciate as well as the group conversation and general learning together.


I've read that parents can even sub a diff. writing program and still be able to participate in the writing portion of class time, so it seems like this would be okay even in an online version isn't in sync with CC pace and assignments with LToW.


Thoughts? Thank you!

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I found the classes: https://www.circeinstitute.org/helping-you-cultivate-wisdom-and-virtue/course-descriptions


They cover all of LToW 1 in a year, and the same is true of LToW 2. That is fine with me, but the age min. is 14 or with permission. This makes me think the class may be too fast paced and rigorous for a newly 13 year old and 8th grader. 



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