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Transcript questions for yet another of my son's unusual situations.

Jenny in Florida

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As I think I've mentioned, my son is doing a enrolled full time at a private university here in Florida. He's doing a dual major in musical theatre and applied dance. During the summers while he's home, though, he's been working towards a technical certificate at our local community college in entertainment and stage technology, a field not offered at his home institution.


Last summer, he just enrolled at the community college as a transient student and took his desired class. He/we have been assuming that he would need to re-file a transient app or something similar to continue this summer. However, it's turned out to be a little more complicated, because in the course of discussing with various folks in the admissions department the steps he needs to take to get set up for registration, it has become clear he doesn't actually meet the definition of a transient student, in that he's not transferring the credits for his summer classes back to his home institution. They have no parallel courses or program, so there's no advantage to attempting to transfer the credits. 


What's he's been advised to do instead, is to go ahead and file the paperwork to officially change his major/status at the community college and declare himself as seeking the certificate. The advantage, in theory, is that he won't have to jump through these hoops next summer.


He's been told he needs to send transcripts from every college he's attended and his high school. So, I need to send them a copy of his homeschooling transcripts. (I think. He actually did dual enrollment at the same community college, and they have a copy of his transcripts on file, but that seems to be adding more confusion to the situation. The easiest thing appears to be for me to send a new copy.)


We've moved (within the same city) since his official HS graduation. The transcripts I sent them before had our previous home address on the top, which leads to my first quesion:


I assume I should change the address on the transcripts to match our current mailing address, right? It feels weird, because the address on the page is the one from which he "graduated," but the "school's" records are now kept at the new address.


I'm over-thinking, right?


Second, the transcripts have a line for "Date of Issue" on the bottom, which is current set to his official graduation date. Should that stay the same, even though I'm signing a new copy to put in the mail? Or do I change the date of issue to today, since I'm printing and signing it now?

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Ar some point, your high school transcript is "done" - you have a date the final transcript was issued that doesn't change. Any new copies are copies of the transcript issued on that date. However, I would certainly add something your current contact info since you would not want anyone to follow up at your old address. An email or cell phone number is probably easiest to keep permanently, if you think you might move again.

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