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Input on complete all in one curriculum for high school

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My ds is entering 9th grade.  We are looking at simplifying and using a complete package.  We already have math and science covered for 9th grade, though.  We are looking at Abeka, MFW, and Christian Liberty.  I'd love to hear your feedback on these as well as any additions to this list.  It would be especially helpful to use the same curriculum throughout high school. 

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MFW worked really well for us.  My oldest used it all the way from 2nd - 12th.  She was well prepared for college coursework.  Enjoyed the lesson planning... helped her to plan her own days.  Enjoyed real books (well, ok mostly... )  It wasn't perfect where everything was this awesome fit, but it worked out.  I think we were getting burn out in the last two years of bible stuff. The personal finance course felt a little like something was missing, and other parts were "wrong time of life" (seemed like it assumed too much life experience in the one book to be making sense).  So that course turned out to be the one big mfw dud in her decade of using them.


I know we had to add a bit of extra editing and tutoring in composition for her.  That was her area of struggle.  But she was prepared enough to get A in college composition as a freshman.  The 12th grade econ course was helpful for being ready for lots of readings at once in subject and having discussion time once a week.  That was really helpful in a humanities course her freshman year.   The style of tests in the BJU history in MFW helped her be ready for that style of test in another gen ed requirement course.   She learned enough in literature analysis to "clep out" of her gen ed literature requirement.   I know others who want "more" than MFW offers in english.  Ok.   We didn't need it.   But she's engineering person.  Used their math, science recommendations too, but you can easily use "whatever you want" in that while using mfw.

So that's my kid with genius brain.


My average middle child who has some special needs learning struggles has also done well in mfw structure.  We add audio books when needed to help her with struggles.  And for writing assignments met more than once a week.  She can pace herself and still have time for her art class and jewelry making and even volunteer time at animal shelter.


I've felt like I've had plenty of answer keys to fake my way through grading and evaluating and having feedback.  


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Tapestry of Grace has history (with maps and timeline), literature (with vocabulary and writing), church history/Bible, fine arts, government, and philosophy. They have a 4-year rotation so you could use it all the way through.


I liked the idea of Tapestry and realize that they've made it easier over the years, but to me at least, it was too much on my side.


I'm a STEM person who makes my living as a writer and teacher. Figuring out books and assignments in history and literature isn't my thing.


We were able to reasonably outsource history and lit, but if that hadn't gone, I would have chosen MFW because of the books and the way it is structured.



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I graduated and went onto college using Christian Liberty Academy.  Most of the all-in-ones I've seen are all pretty similar in what courses are taught.  I think you may have a few more options with Christian Liberty Academy vs. Abeka.  I can't speak to the others.  


Their courses have a definite beginning and end, the grading and transcripts are all handled, and the subjects covered are fairly straightforward.  I consider it more of a get-er-done type of school, as there isn't a lot of room for exploring other topics or following rabbit trails.  But, for many that is what is best.  I know there are days I look longingly at an all-in-one and wish I could just order it and be done.  But, that isn't likely to happen right now.



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