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Still in the hospital.


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Still here.

The baby is struggling overnights with needing oxygen. He is doing well during the day but nights seem to be tough.

Caden loves looking at pictures and I want to hang them around his crib. If you want, you can send him a free ecard at https://www.arnothealth.org/arnot-ogden-medical-center/aomc-visitor.

His room is 4C-14.


They print them off and I can hang them around his room.


Thank you for the prayers!!!

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So thankful you are all home now. I pray that the oxygen issue clears itself up soon.


Meg used to get RSV every winter. She has smaller lungs, has missing and fused ribs and had RAD. First several Christmases and New Years, sometimes her birthday too-October.


She would need to be put on oxygen but she would rip the nose cannulas out, so they then would put her in a crib in an oxygen tent. Respiratory therapists would come in and suction the thickest, most copious mucus out of her little lungs. At one point they tested for CF.


We had a machine that we would put capsules in and she would have to breathe it in multiple times a day. I can't remember what it is called. I think we put Albuterol in it and something else.


It was a huge blessing when she overcame it all.


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He keeps ripping off his cannula too. Fortunately right now he only needs it during sleep.

He is on liquid albuterol, inhaled albuterol, prednisone, amoxicillin and ear drops. Plus oxygen.


I will be overjoyed once we are out of cold and flu season.

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