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CLE North America is the Lords'

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Hi to everyone :)


I am in the process of ordering CLE NAITL's - would it be possible for someone who has used this Grade 5 course to email me a picture of the contents page? I am trying to organise my school timetable but without a sample including the chapters or contents I am stuck. 


How are the lessons split up over the year - how many lessons are there and how long does each lesson roughly take your students to complete?


Many thanks


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Thanks for the info you could give. 

I live overseas so calling CLE not possible. I will have to wait until the order arrives. 

We will be receiving the Units and the Textbook. I am most interested in getting a glimpse of the contents page. I have reworked my American HIstory year & trying to work out which subjects they cover and slotting them in accordingly. The contents page from the Textbook :)

Thanks for your help. 


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