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SOTW 1 with a 7th grader? crazy?


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my next year's 7th grader was a little guy when we went through SOTW 1 with the rest of my kids.  My older ones are now in HS and I didn't know what to do with my 7th grader for History, and then I remembered he was in preschool and probably remembers next to nothing.  But I do want to beef it up some.  I plan to have him do the maps and I found on the PHP website a pdf of the questions asked in the activity book, so I plan to have him fill those out.


And of course there are books to read.  But is there anything else others have done to make it fun and interesting for an older student?



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We are using SOTW 2 this year.  Simply Charlotte Mason is our regular history program.  It had Famous Men scheduled as our spine, and my DC weren't remembering much from the readings, so I decided to give this a try.  My 8th grader loves it.  One thing she's been doing is painting the AG coloring pages with water colors...It's not a big deal, but she doesn't find it as "babyish" as she would coloring the pages.  Maybe add in some outlining, written narrations, or NB pages?  

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