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Looking for comparison reviews Landry Academy Algebra 1 & Math Without Borders/Foersters

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Hi!  If you used either one, would you mind sharing your experience with me?  Landry Academy uses Saxon as main text.  We're using Saxon right now, so he is familiar with it. Math isn't his strong point and he needs lots of repetition.  I am leaning towards the class for accountability/grading purposes. Thoughts?


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If he needs lots of repetition, Foerster is not the way to go. It's an excellent text, don't get me wrong, but there is no repetition. With MWB, you read the lesson, work the example problems, watch the video, do the exercises, and you're done. It is expected that most sections will take you only one day, with some taking two (or even three), and then you move on.


I would not use Foerster for a kid who needs lots of reinforcement. It works for my dd; it will not work for my son. He will be sticking with TT.

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Not a lot of accountability with a once a week online class but if he has taken online classes before and you know he responds to that format, it might be the way to go.


I have Foeresters and I agree it seems to be a great text but there isn't the repetition you seek. You could maybe create a checklist of review problems each week...


Is there a local tutor that could work with him for accountability?

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