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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Happy Friday I guess.  I'm awake early because this has not been a productive week so far.  Here's hoping I turn it around today.


  • Work before the kids get up.  [done]
  • Kids' spelling list.  [done]
  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen & bathrooms & some clutter.  [done]
  • Pet care.  [done]
  • Work.
  • A little exercise.
  • A little reading.
  • Kids to gymnastics?
  • Eat out.
  • Watch some old shows on DVD.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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I'm up with the chickens - not to take ds to work like planned, but to call him in sick to work again.  This will be his 4th day home from work.  I had to call because he has absolutely no voice and no one would be able to hear him on the phone.  And now it looks like he's woken up with pink eye.  He's already on antibiotics so I figure that will work on the yellow stuff he's coughing up.  (Sorry, tmi).  

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Good morning! Jean, I hope your ds feels better soon. We are looking at a beautiful day here. Today is the inspection resolution deadline and we got wind of a serious problem last night. Glad I am not our realtor. I am prepared to walk away, but Dh is not. So negotiations all around this morning.


To do:

School for all

Clean kitchen/general cleanup

Some conference calls, ugh

Driving and negotiations for weekend (who goes where...)

Read a little

School administration work

Jen things

PM practice/aikido


Have a great day!

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Good afternoon- dd2 is spending the day with daddy (he's ice fishing with his dad aka papa)

- laundry- in washer and dryer

- school work- did pharm math work sheets, working on drug concept maps

- call dd1's school to tell them I'm picking her up- done

- take quote to dealership so I can get that money refunded (it's $40 per tire so about $160)- done

- pick up dd1- done

- fold laundry

- dinner (not sure what time because dd1 has BB gun from 5:30 until ???, it's the county shoot though she's a clover bud but will be getting her pin and what not) I ended up taking dd1 to BB gun club but tonight is the last night so they are having a pizza party

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- took dd1 to BB gun club

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Sellers finally, finally agreed to everything!! Woo hoo! We are on our way to actually owning a house!



Congratulations! I thought that in my head but immediately moved on to my own issues. Sorry.


Us too! In a much different market--we waived everything and still had to go up to meet the cash buyer. WTH. Anyway, we are closing Monday!!!


I'm freaking out! We need our own thread, Jen. :D

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