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Job Interview.....need prayers and good thoughts my way!


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I work retail in the pharmacy part time and don't really love it. It's been a place to get experience but I always knew I wouldn't want to work there as a full time employee. It just might kill me! I'm just not cut out for retail. Some people may be more lucky but my store doesn't pay well and there really is no room for advancement. 


As some of the board may remember I made the decision to put my youngest in 8th grade in August so I can finally work full time. I have been hearing that a certain health insurance company in my area is hiring techs and still looking for more. I was going to wait a few more months but really felt like I shouldn't take the chance and miss this opportunity, so I applied.


I have an interview next week......I could really use this change. More money, more hours and no nights and weekends like I am doing now. I'm excited and completely nervous.



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Crossing fingers and toes for you! I just went through the job hunt thing and -- miraculously -- landed the job I really wanted. So, I can totally relate to the excitement/nervousness.

Thanks.....and congrats to you. I remember reading your job thread and I missed that you got the job.

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