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AoPs Pre-A through WTM or through AoPs?

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My Dd took pre-A with AoPS and this was our experience:


The classroom is purely text-based. Students can type into a chatbox, but what they type doesn't automatically post on the screen, it goes to a moderator. The moderator chooses what responses to post. This was actually very motivating for Dd; she would challenge herself to see how many times her posts were put up on the board during a class (it would have to be a quick, correct response to be selected). The pace of the class is very fast, and it's not a good place to be learning the material for the first time. Before the class, Dd would read the book sections, watch the videos, and try all of the problems. Then she would use the class as a way to test out her subject knowledge and her speed. Once a week she had to submit a typed-up proof-style problem, and was given a grade and very helpful feedback.


While she hasn't taken any math classes with WTMA, she is taking a couple other courses, and I would imagine that their pre-a class will provide a lot more direct instruction during class, and won't go at such a break-neck speed. It will meet 2x per week rather than once a week. Also, the class size will be much smaller. Hopefully someone with an enrolled student will be able to offer more info!

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We are doing the AoPS Pre-A right now. I have been thinking of trying the Wtm for Algebra, simply because DS doesn't love the text based portion of class. He'd prefer to have it at least audio if not video based. And it is not because it moves too fast, it's because the text based moves so slow for him.

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What kind of personality does he have? The WTMA format won't work for both my boys because of class participation. They don't want to feel forced to participate. They aren't into videos either except as fun enrichment which is why they run away from Dr Edward Burger and from Derek Owens videos on YouTube.


They get dink for class participation for the AoPS online class but they can live with it since we aren't using the grades for anything.


From the WTMA syllabus link upthread


"In addition, students will participate in weekly discussion challenges. ... Active participation during the weekly class times is expected."

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I figure that we will probably try AOPS for Pre-A, and if my DS doesn't like the text-only format, we will switch to WTMA for Algebra on up. He is pretty used to text boxes from Minecraft, but I know that he really likes the audio in his Athena's classes. I think the larger issue will be the pace of the AOPS classes after Pre-A, since my son will be young when he takes them. I know that they did the stretch version of Algebra A this year; hopefully, they will continue to offer other stretch versions of their classes.  

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