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For you any of you who have used TT through the high-school years or jr. high years:

Do you think that these courses really are thorough? or are they a watered down math course?


I'm trying to decide if we will stick with this program through high school.

Ds loves the program and he is an average math student.


thanks for your thoughts



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My dd used MUS all the way through high school and now has an A in her college math program and is doing a lot better than other students. I'm saying this because many people say that MUS doesn't prepare students enough for college and in our case it did and then some. I also say this because I was able to compare TT Geometry to MUS Geometry. My son took TT Geometry because I thought he needed more of the detail. He whipped through it easily. When I compared the two I found that TT was heavy on proofs but left several things out that MUS included. After comparing them I though TT was the weaker program. Compare that to others opinions of MUS and our experience and I just felt like TT wasn't worth the money and was worse than MUS. My son does need things broken down and I need to have each step in the answer shown to me. I didn't think my son could use MUS because in the upper grades they have the kids do some problems that they don't explain very well. That's the reason we chose TT. So after our experience I nixed TT and still needed somthing else. After reading much discussion on this issue on this board. We went with Lial's. My son is doing exceptionally well and is actually starting to like math. It's easy to grade because the answers are given step by step so my son can see where he went wrong. It works great for this math challenged mom since the Teacher's manual does an excellent job of explaining things. We do have the digital video tutors but so far haven't needed them. This program has cost me $50 compared to $100's of dollars for TT and in my opinion is doing a better job than TT. I only wish I had followed this boards recommendations sooner. Oh and yes I still highly recommend MUS but beware that the upper levels aren't as spelled out for you as the lower levels were. My dd is good in math and can figure things out quite well. My son is not a great math student and has times when he struggles to figure things out on his own. That's why Lial's is such a good match for him.

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Thankyou Alyce!


It sounds like our ds' are very much alike. We also have used MUS but ds needed things "spelled-out" and this is why we switched to TT. The constant correction is my favorite part of the program (my math back ground is very weak too, I was one of the 1st kids to go through the Magnet Schools back in the 70's :ack2:).


I will look into Lial's, I'm glad to hear the corrections are step by step.


Thanks again



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