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Stanford Online High School and other recommendations perhaps


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I'm proactively seeking an online high school program for my DS10 who is currently in a multi grade self contained class with differentiation and acceleration. He is accelerated to 7th grade and enriched to 8th grade if that makes sense. I'm seeking to homeschool him next school year and am trying to determine the quality of a potential online high school program. Is anyone here currently using one such program and is pleased with the programming advantages, high quality education, flexibility, advanced and dual programs offered if college & university sponsored. I'm open to whether they are private, public, charter, and college/university sponsored. If it helps, we're located in MO. I am currently looking at Stanford Online High School and if there is anyone here with a DD/DS utilizing their program, I would highly appreciate your response. I'm interested in any others too.


Thank you so much community!

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