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Ronit bird question

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If I want to use Ronit Bird as a K level math curriculum for my daughter who struggles (It was recommended here a little bit ago and I'm just now getting around to the math portion of my research!) do I want to start with the Toolkit book? And I already have c-rods, is there anything else I need?

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Do you have a device that can do ibooks?  I suggest that you start with her ebook Dots.  Once you work through Dots (which may take you a year), then get her C-Rods book.  


As far as what to use for manipulatives, with Dots I used small glass beads from Walmart, little math counters from the ed store, candies, etc.  In the c-rods book things get more exciting.  


The print books are good, but the ebooks are MUCH easier to implement.  I LOVE Dots, and highly, highly, highly recommend it.  Did I mention how terrific it is?  It was just what my ds needed.  It's under $10, and you really can't go wrong with it if that is where your dd is at.  He came out of it knowing his math facts COLD, which is really amazing when you think about it.  

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