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We are moving to the country soon and plan to get a dog.  We will be living in tight quarters on a farm next to a road that has very low traffic.  There is no fenced in area, but the yard and places to explore are boundless.  We are wanting a medium sized dog.  For several reasons I can't control, the dog will probably need to be outside most of the time.  I don't want to have to chain up the dog, are there certain breeds that are less likely to roam?


Also, this will likely be a 1-2 year move.  We may end up moving to a suburban fenced in lot in a year or two.  Are there any breeds you would recommend?

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I would wait until you have a fenced yard and an indoor space for the dog unless you're doing a purely working animal (thinking of Margaret in Co's Great Pyrs, but they wander and need work to do). Any dog needs boundaries, and an invisible fence is expensive, doesn't work for all breeds, and doesn't protect your dog from incoming threats.

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