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AOPS Algebra advice please

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I could use a little advise, please...


My son, 13, is using AOPS Algebra for Algebra 1 - he did AOPS PreA last year, along with MM6.  He is slowly slogging through it; he just started chapter 8.  He needs lots of help along the way.  Once he gets through chapter 13, I am considering switching away from AOPS for Algebra 2.  Any advise on which program to consider?  FWIW, the geometry chapters in PreA were very easy for him - so he will probably want a challenging geometry program two years from now.  Maybe AOPS…..


Do we push through, or find something that is a bit easier….. and if so, what…..

Oh, and currently he is a history/ geography/ music/ basketball minded kid.



I have a fifth grader doing AOPS PreA - it is a very different experience.  She is my technically gifted one…. and it is mostly easy for her.  The difference between the two of them is huge in this respect.  I know AOPS is the right program  for her.  



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