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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Can't get started on the one actual thing I need to do this week for work, so I think I might actually go shopping for some new pants!


to do:

tidy up

send email reminder to boss about item needed to start working

send another email for work re: letterhead


pay bills

update ynab

print some stuff for youth activity tonight

something with the fafsa?? I thought it was all done, but got an email about it last night...

costco/target for a few groceries and pants?

pick up ds' friend for duet practice

2 violin lessons

roast chicken legs

youth night



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I think I might have the house to myself.  Yippee!  Let's hope I make good use of the time.  I have a lot of work to get done.


Tonight I want to do family TKD.  I hope my kid doesn't get a nosebleed like last time ....


I also want to do badge work and other scout stuff.

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Good morning! It is a fairly quiet day here. I have some annoying things to do (stuff I hate, like scanning documents, uploading to online forms, etc). The kids are quiet and productive so far...


To do:

School for all

Forms for appointment tomorrow

Find and Scan documents

Finish online registration

Kitchen cleanup (done) and general pickup

Jen things

PM practice

Dh does judo

Leftovers for dinner


Have a great day!

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Good Morning...


Packing in as much as possible by noon..


I've already --

vacuumed the main floor

cleaned the kitchen


restocked the dogs bowls 

started vacuuming the upstairs

cleaning my bedroom quickly 


now to do Julian Micheals 29 minutes of torture and then get dressed by noon.


I have to hit aldi this afternoon and then sit in the sun!!!!!!!!! :party: 

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I could have slept another 8 hours....


up early for DD's online class.  It's my job to make coffee for us both!  


I have recorded all the books that arrived yesterday.  

Now to find bookshelf room.  

DS is up late....I need to program his alarm clock today

Finish school

Nag about chores(kidding)(kinda)

Dishes from last night's cookie binge ;-)

AHG meeting

AHG award ceremony

Do my shoulder PT


I have a ton of little things.  Need to call my dr.  Need to plan a camping trip for 9 girls. Need to exercise.  pretty sure none of those will happen today.  



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School done.

Laundry done.

Yardwork done.


Next up: dinner


Dd made brownies and now I have to resist them. Argh! Back on the low carb wagon. :) 



Double check extra science reading for Thursday. 

Clothes and stuff ready for tomorrow. We have a morning errand, a FT, dance for dd and church in the evening - on the go all day!

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Well ... I haven't been very productive today.  I need to get cracking.  I gave the kids their evening work, but they are outside playing right now because it is so nice out.  Forget TKD - we can go tomorrow.  We will work on some things together later.

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I guess I haven't checked in yet:


Human care done

Pet care done

Medical care done

School done at the library and then at home to finish up.

Ds took a sick day.  He's still feeling poorly.

Got Chinese

Went to the pharmacy

Called the insurance agent and got the ball rolling

Cleaned the kitchen extra well.  I think we're going to have to replace the microwave

Dd is at a babysitting gig

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