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Introduction and free day at Space and Rocket Center and Botanical Gardens

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Hi my name is Tabitha and I live in the Harvest area. I have a group on yahoo groups called North Alabama Trailblazers http://groups.yahoo.com/group/North-Alabama-Trailblazers that does field trips, playdates, seasonal parties, and various other support activities as needed for hsers in Madison, Limestone, and Morgan counties in AL and Lincoln county in TN. I met Tara through that group some years ago.


I have 3 wonderful children, 2 girls and now a 1 year old boy.


Free day at Space and Rocket Center through Smithsonian Museum Free Admission program is this Saturday September 27 but you must download passes at the following website:


> This is on Saturday September 27, 2008. Please print out passes as follows:

> The Space and Rocket Center is participating in the Smithsonian Free

> Museum Day. Read about it at the Space and Rocket center website

> http://www.spacecamp.com and then visiting the Smithsonian Museum

> site linked there to get free museum passes. It's on Saturday, Sept.

> 27, 2008.


> Museums all over the country are participating.


Also, Botanical Gardens informed me that they will be having free day during Scarecrow Trail on Tuesday October 14th according to an email I received from Virginia Hurst.


Hope this info is helpful to someone.



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