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If I want to use MM6 next year, what blue series should I be sure to complete?


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We have sort of been all over the place with math.  RIght now I am using the Blue Series (topical) of MM w/ my 5th grader, but I would like to use the Light Blue 6th grade year series next year.  What topics should I be sure to cover?  We are a bit behind in some areas, I think.  I'm not in a hurry, but I know from looking that at this point she would be laced into MM5A.  I could start a grade behind?  I'd really like to be ready for MM6th, though.

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It's messy to line up the dark blue books with the light blue series because some of the dark blue books span multiple grade levels. I've mostly lined up the books by looking at the TOCs available on the website, and this is what I've found.


The following dark blue books are covered in whole or in part during MM 5:


Data & Graphs (some was covered in MM 1-4)

Geometry 1 (some was covered in MM 4)

Place Value 5 (covered entirely in MM 5)

Decimals 2 (covered entirely in MM 5)

Fractions 1 (covered entirely in MM 5)

Multiplication & Division 3 (some is covered in MM 6)

The Four Operations (some is covered in MM 6)

Fractions 2 (some is covered in MM 6)

Ratios, Proportions & Problem Solving (some is covered in MM 6 and MM 7)

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