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AoPS vs. Saxon

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I am so glad I looked on this board because I had never heard of AoPS before.  My 10 year old is very very bored with Saxon 7/6.  He only has 20 lessons left and he has always picked up math quickly.  Actually anything academic quickly.  He read very young, etc. etc.  I just don't want him to "miss" anything so I have made him go through the books.  It seems like AoPS might be the answer for him.  He is definitely ready for the Pre-Algebra book.  AoPS seems to not be as repetitious and more challenging when compared to Saxon.  Am I correct in that assumption?  I have looked through the sample pages that you can see.  I am having trouble jumping to another math curriculum.  My son did Singapore for his early years but I went to Saxon because it covered things that he was going to be tested on when Singapore didn't.  Saxon also makes sense to me and I find it easy to teach.  My son is very different than me.  I would call myself a high achiever while he fits all the gifted descriptions.  I think I am holding him back with it though and he is very bored.  He gets 100% or close to it on every assignment.  I feel like he is always ahead of me and I am holding him back.  Any thoughts?

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Less repetition and more challenge - yes.  Very different learning philosophy from Saxon (see e.g. Rusczyk on problem solving text or video)


AoPS Prealgebra is my favorite math text ever, so, I vote to give it a try.  Do check out the videos and Alcumus for the general flavor, though they're not quite the same as learning from the text.

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