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'Doh (updated)


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Sorry about the photos.


We find paying for instant passport photos the easiest and fastest at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS because they just need to snap the shot and instant print. The staff there sometimes do not know how to operate the photo printing machine.


Dollar store sells lint rollers. Maybe leave one in the car.


Good luck.

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Oh boy, I am sooo sooo sorry. That stuff. It's just so hard to keep all of these details straight and the more colleges applied to, the more scholarship competitions there are to manage. It's a crazy maker.


I wonder if you explained that she had been traveling so you had to leave at the last possible minute for this competition and then your phone locked up, if someone on the staff would be willing to take a shot with their phone and then run into the office and print it.


Of course, it might be too late for that. Just a thought.

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