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Sick of Saxon! Where to go from here?

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We "left" Saxon after 7/6 and did Chalkdust Pre-Algebra. My understanding is that 8/7 and Alg 1/2 are not BOTH necessary. I would think she could go into Chalkdust Algebra I. It is pricey, but well worth it to me. The TM has complete solutions, plus the DVD lectures are terrific! If you buy new from Chalkdust you also get technical support in case you get stuck. Professor Mosely usually responds the same day, but almost always within 24 hours. We sent him a Geometry textbook yesterday and he replied within 2 hours from his vacation!


Chalkdust is mastery whereas Saxon is incremental. That was a bit of an adjustment for my ds, but we both absolutely love Chalkdust. My ds was just sick and tired of the Saxon format. He was really burned out on math. CD reinvigorated his interest.



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We switched to Chalkdust for the first time, ranging from Prealgebra to Calculus, after 11 years of Saxon. I wonder why we didn't give it up sooner. My kids are liking math now. It's incredible. I can't believe the things they say to me. Like "Oh, I get that now, I never knew why I was doing that before". I'm just so shocked when they say things like, "I really like math" or "It's not my most-hated subject anymore". We could've saved ourselves years of grief.

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Oh, you are a better person than me. We fled the Saxon scene after Math 54. It still makes me shudder.


We are now using Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1. I love how the author walks you through each and every solution.


I also thought Chalkdust would be great, but I wasn't willing to pay that much...yet. ;)

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So what you guys are saying is if I stick with Saxon- I should go straight to Alg 1 not 1/2.....augghh I am so confused!


Yes, that is exactly right. Saxon never intended for students to use both Math 87 and Alg. ½; some parents will have their dc do both if the dc are very young and don't want to get into algebra too early, KWIM? but Saxon did not plan for students to do both.

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Saxon Teacher. From the Web site:


Saxon Teacher is the first ever official multimedia supplement to the Saxon Homeschool program. Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are available now, and Advanced Math will be available by the end of summer 2008.


Saxon Teacher includes:


  • Comprehensive lesson instruction from a teacher with extensive Saxon teaching experience
  • Complete Solutions to every practice problem, problem set, and test problem, including step–by–step explanations and helpful hints
  • A user–friendly CD format with simple navigation


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