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Rough day with Tourettes at church

Cz mama

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My DS is 10 and has Tourettes. His tics come and go in intensity, seems like lately the vocal tics have been minimal, but a few days ago, he developed a mouse-like squeek tic that is very loud and very high pitched. So, off to mass we went today. We sit up in the choir loft during mass because he tics less when around less people in church. ANNND,,,,,he squeeked all during church. He also threw in a few throat clearing mucous sounding tics. It was rough, but after being dx d for about 3 years now, we are used to Tourettes, but some tics are harder than others. One time his complex verbal tic was "Sasquatch is taking a leak, you better take a peak..." That one was funny. Guess you gotta laugh through the tears sometimes. 

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I always tell moms (especially those with high-energy kids) "The Church says we have to go to Mass, it doesn't say our kids have to behave.  Don't worry about it, and I'm glad you're here."  


I applaud you for going.  Your son is God's son, and we all have an obligation to be extra welcoming of your family and stand with you in your difficulties.    And I know my kids might be the ones turning around to look--I can't help that either--but I'm glad you're there.  Big hug.

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HUGS. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.  ... and ignore the stares of others. :closedeyes:


I have two with Tourettes. My oldest has always squeeked and cleared throat, grunted, coughed throughout church off and on. Most of the time, he isn't bothered by his tics and he's generally unaware of the adults staring at him trying to send him silent messages to be quiet, shaking their head or doing something else. Some of these adults I go to later and say, by the way my son has Tourettes. I just wanted to make you aware. I know sometimes people try to get him to stop ticcing, but he's unable to control these tics. They always respond that they'd "never" try to make him stop, but the reason they are being talked to in the first place it that they do. It helps them understand for the future.


My daughter is much more bothered by her vocal tics in church. They frustrate her more than others and that is a hard battle. Mostly she whistles at inappropriate times in church, but deals with other simple and complex vocal tics as well.


Take care. (I missed this post originally as I don't look at the SN board nearly as much as the Learning Challenges board).

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