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Help for science grades 5-7

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Okay, I know we have had a lot of science threads, but I really need help.


I want a science curriculum, just like Story of the World. Lol


Kid reads a section, does a worksheet, labels , colors, etc.. Then he moves on to the next section. Just like SOTW. I am horrible at hands on. Experiments give me anxiety . It would help if the child could read it and do the work semi independently .

By that, I don't mean ACE style, just a nice workbook to go along with a nice reader. ;p

I am using realscience4 kids right now. The book is great, but I don't like the lab book that goes with.


Please someon help.


Bonus if it is secular.

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Maybe Noeo?  I've never used it, but I was strongly considering it at one point and might use it in the future.


From what I've heard it is secular...I believe God is mentioned in the intro of the teacher's guide, but the child is reading secular science books.


There are experiments scheduled, and you can buy the experiment kits bundled with the curriculum, but you don't have to.  In fact, the bad reviews I heard about the experiments kits were one of the main reasons I decided not to use Noeo.


Most of the lesson plans sound just like what you are looking for:

"Day 3 – read the assigned pages, summarize and/or sketch what you

learned in your science notebook. Define biological name and binomial
system using the Usborne Encyclopedia glossary."


So, not exactly a worksheet, but they offer lots of printable notebook pages with lines for writing and places for drawing and labeling.



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We are using an old public school, middle school text, called Science Voyages from Glencoe. They offer 2 levels of worksheets on their website. My daughter likes the review one. Last year, 5th, she did the Earth Science and this year she is doing Life Science. It is secular. Has a chapter on how things evolve. I just buy the books used on Amazon or ebay and print out the worksheets myself. They do include labs in the textbook but we haven't done any of them. Mostly the hands-on things we do are kits and things I buy for my younger daughter about the same topics. Oh, and there are 2 versions of the text. She prefers the one that is single subject rather than all strands mixed together. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link yet but here is the glencoe site to get the worksheets from and you can see the pictures of the 2 versions of the textbooks. http://www.glencoe.com/sec/science/ca/

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I am going to attempt to put together a life science/biology plan for my rising sixth grader. We will have ninth grade sister doing biology using Miller-Levine, which is way hefty for my sixth grader, and I'm considering REAL Science Odyssey for second grade brother (probably too light for sixth grader) because it just looks appealing to me and will ensure that I make time to do science on an elementary level. My plan is to create sixth grader's plan using pages from Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, The Way We Work, and some other resources to be filled in later. Then he can do the labs that the other two are doing, adapting them for his level as needed. I have no idea if this will work or not, but I really didn't feel a need to buy a middle grade textbook for sixth grader. It might be a great success, and it might be a colossal failure!


You might also look at Mr. Q Life Science, although I think it's very much on the easy side for sixth grade, more in the third to fifth range.

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