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Which history would you choose


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Hi everyone!

I am trying to decide which history program to use for a 6th grade girl with the following other choices. I prefer not SOTW. We've done that already.


Language arts - R&S English and spelling, W&R and IEW for writing, CLE for "reading", and just read good books and perhaps some center for lit materials to enhance literature studies


Math - CLE


Science - likely BJU distance learning dvd's


Latin - probably MP or CAP


I am looking for something to cover medieval history, Renaissance, reformation.....


Any suggestions?

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Do you like a literature approach? Maybe choose books from All Through the Ages, or Truthquest (Christian).


I can't recall if Beautiful Feet has a guide f for that time period and age, but if so that might be a good option.

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We like Pandia Press's History Odyssey. This year in 5th was our first year using it (we used SOTW for 3rd and 4th). We will be doing their Level II (medieval) for 6th next year.


There are quite a few literature selections included, but it's easy to switch them out or drop them altogether if that's your preference.


ETA: We also use a lot of the same materials as you for other subjects: CLE math, R&S grammar, CAP Latin, etc.

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